Splash Drone AUTO Version Rated IP67 with GoPro Gimbal Fishing Line Release Rig

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Quick Overview

Splash Drone AUTO version is the ultimate version that comes with a waterproof GoPro gimbal, a fishing line release rig, a ground station and a FPV monitor for live video feed. It is primarily built for stabilized aerial filming over the water or in the rains. The ground stations enable several smart flights like mission planning and follow me.

Splash drone auto is the first and most advanced IP67 waterproof drone with waterproof camera gimbal. It is a perfect flying camera for a professional aerial film of various activities on the water, such as sailing boats, thrilling water sports, ocean survey or marine life investigation.

Main Features

  • 100% waterproof frame and anti-corrosion, it is able to land and float on the water, even submerged in the water, fully workable in all weathers and all environments.
  • It introduces the world's first waterproof 2-axis gimbal which support Gopro hero 3,3+ and 4. 
  • Waterproof fishing line release rig enables fast bait delivery over 1000km to the targeted location. The max payload capacity is up to 1kg. Also used for water rescue by delivering lifesaving equipment.
  • Nearly non-delay 1km video transmission through 5.8G, with high resolution 5'' FPV monitor present live video feed as well as OSD of flight status.
  • Dual GPS/GLONASS mode and serious sensors enable position holding, it is able to automatically land or returns home to prevent accidental loss.
  • Smart flight modes with the ground station: waypoints/mission planning, tap to fly, circle flight and autonomous follow-me. 
  • Available by APP control on the android or IOS mobile device. 
  • High power system: 590KV waterproof motors, 40A ESC, 5200maH lipo battery and self-tightened full carbon fibre propellers. 
  • Aluminium case: Splash drone is stored in a compact, portable and durable aluminium case with all the accessories



Fullset Weight 2300g
Hovering Precision +- 0.2m
Max Yaw Angle 25°
Max Pitch Angle 25°
Max Ascend/Descend Speed 4m/s
Max Flying speed 21m/s
Axis Diameter 450mm
Max Flight Time 20mins
Max Take-off weight 3kg
Wateproofing Grade IP67
Flight Controller Auto Plus
Motor 3510/590KV
Propeller #1238 Self-tightened Carbon Fiber
Working Temperature -10℃ ~ 40℃
Stabilization 2-axis
Angle Control Accuracy +- 0.03°
Pitch Range -90° to 0°
Roll Range +-25°
Type 4S Lipo
Capacity 14.8v 5200mAh
Charing Temperature 0℃ ~ 40℃
Net Weight 630g
Operation Frequency 2405 ~ 2475GHZ
Control Range 1.0KM
Receiver Sensitivity -105dbm
Working Current 120mA
Battery 2S 7.4V 1800mAh
Channel 10 Channels

Source: http://www.swellpro.com/waterproof-drone/splash-drone-auto.html 


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