Our journey

We started as an avid technology internet shoppers who were eventually compelled to create our online store that reflects how we wanted an online store to be.

We realised that almost all online shopping sites are intimidating, noisy, cumbersome and requires better customer service. These very reasons are our main drivers to rethink and recreate online shopping.

We invite you to be part of our journey...

Why choose us?

And why not? we provide noiseless and secure online shopping experience.

    Product range

    We love cool technology and value creativity with reasonable prices, hence all of our product offerings are carefully selected to match what we are about. 

    We offer select and reasonably priced products including electronics and accessories, gadgets and gears, S.T.E.M kits and more.

    Reach out

    There is always a person behind this keyboard. Please connect with us via:


    Based in Brisbane, Australia

    Pwede Online is trading under Pypool Technology Pty Ltd (ABN: 21608282784)